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Start-up of the day: Hyper Poland speeds up the country

How to cross over 600 kilometres in less than an hour only by train? We used to think that it’s impossible. Nowadays though, we’re closer than ever to making it happen. Innovation Origins wrote a lot about the hyperloop concept. Recently, you could hear about Delft’s based company Hardt Hyperloop...

Free AI-software for Covid-19 triage on chest x-rays

Delft Imaging has leveraged its expertise and has joined forces with Thirona, Radboudumc, Bernhoven,(Netherlands), HT médica (Spain) and Fakultas Kedokteran UI (Indonesia) to develop a tool for the triage of COVID-19 suspects by using Artificial Intelligence on chest X-ray images. The software is...

Charge your car at any lamppost in London’s first ‘Electric Avenue’

Sutherland Avenue in the London borough of Westminster is the first street in the United Kingdom to have its lampposts converted into charging stations for electric vehicles. Over the next few weeks, a further two adjoining streets will be fitted with charging stations. This project is the result...

App from Berlin Hospital tells you if you have any indications of corona

The questions almost everyone are asking right now is: Do I have corona? Am I carrying the virus without being aware of it? And am I therefore a danger to others? Do I have to stay at home for two weeks because I have a slight tickle in my throat? Should I worry about my previous illnesses? In...

Digital technologies take top spot in European patent applications

Patent statistics published today by the European Patent Office (EPO) show that for the first time in more than a decade, digital technologies have taken the lead in patent applications filed. According to the EPO Patent Index 2019, the surge in the fields of digital communication (+19.6%) and...

Green snowmobiles contribute to sustainable winter tourism

The Austrian engine manufacturer Rotax unveiled the very first zero-emission snowmobile last week. The electric vehicle gets its energy from a fuel cell that runs on hydrogen. This first emission-free snowmobile concept called Lynx HySnow received a lot of attention during its presentation as part...

The logistics packing robot of the future no longer fears collisions

Robots can pack things very quickly. That’s why they have become indispensable in distribution centers. But they’re still not very smart. That’s why humans can sometimes do their work much faster. Because they are able to anticipate things and think for themselves. The problem is...

New start for start-up eBlocker: ‘Never trust an investor’

A year ago, Hamburg’s start-up eBlocker won the coveted Smart Home Initiative Award. That very same day, eBlocker’s fate was essentially sealed. A potentially major strategic partner withdrew their support for the company. Bankruptcy was inevitable. Together with their employees,...

HighTechXL launches ESA space technology on the market

On behalf of the European Space Agency( ESA), the Eindhoven-based company HighTechXL is to market space technology which have been developed within the ESA. In doing so, HighTechXL, propelled by the Eindhoven Startup Alliance, will once again team up with a world-renowned research centre. This...

Blood tests can detect Alzheimer’s disease at an early stage

If a doctor diagnoses someone with Alzheimer’s disease, it is often too late. The condition has progressed too far to be treated. The scientists Dr. Philip Scheltens of the Amsterdam University Medical Center (UMC) in the Netherlands and Dr. Klaus Gerwert of the Ruhr University of Bochum...

Scientists can now film quantum world in HD quality

There are still many riddles left in the world of quantum technology. In order to understand what goes on at that level with the smallest particles, it would be nice if we could understand how processes unfold. Scientists Manish Garg and Klaus Kern have now made that happen. They designed a...

Electric push boat helps inland navigation towards emission-free future

In the New Deal that the maritime transport sector concluded last year with the Dutch Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen of Infrastructure and Water Management, it was agreed, among other things, that inland shipping would be emission-free and climate-neutral by 2050. To achieve this goal, the...

Low lymphocyte count in your blood indicates upcoming grave illness

If the number of so-called lymphocytes in your blood is very low, then this is an indication that you may become gravely ill over time. A Danish study published today has revealed these results in the CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). Thanks to this insight, doctors can now take...

Sensors reveal if you move the right way with your new hip

Along with the increasing number of people who are ageing, the number of hip and knee prostheses is also on the rise in The Netherlands. At the moment around 50,000 people are getting a new hip or knee. It is of the utmost importance for a successful recovery that people with these kinds of joint...

Electric delivery vehicles enable emission-free deliveries

It’s simple on paper. Just make sure that only emission-free vehicles are allowed to deliver goods in cities and then you’re well on your way to achieving your climate targets. However, it does drive up the costs for fleet managers. A study has shown that operational costs could...

Sensor in a pacifier monitors baby’s health

Portable biosensors that monitor health and fitness without the need to apply anything on your actual body are becoming increasingly popular among adults. This technology isn’t particularly suitable for use with newborns. The devices are often bulky. Or there is a risk that the delicate skin...

Surgeons soon able to print 3D implants during surgery

A surgeon will soon be able to print an implant, such as a new rib, in the operating room by themselves. This is possible thanks to a specialized 3D printer for medical implants. The Institute of Production Engineering at TU Graz has designed a new method for this purpose. This 3D metal printing...

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