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Author: Anke Langelaan

Games for Health innovatively creates happiness

Technology can’t only make care better, but it can also make it more fun. The company Games for Health from Eindhoven has been proving that for years, in several ways. Recently, for example, on Lowlands, where visitors were walking around with an actual virtual zombie game on their phone, created by Games for Health at the request of GGD Flevoland & Amsterdam, RIVM and VU University Amsterdam to investigate how a virtual epidemic spreads. The company itself has organized a large-scale international event for seven consecutive years; the Games for Health Europe Congres. This year it will take place in Eindhoven for the first time, where more than four hundred involved parties from all continents come together in the TAC (Temporary Art Centre) on the 2nd and 3rd of October. Also big names like Apple, IBM and Microsoft and several Dutch politicians will be there. How does a local SME get that done? “We have fur, in other words, we’re very cuddly”, says founder Jurriaan van Rijswijk. “And we cherish our current network of 35,000 relationships.” Established name In fact, Van Rijswijk and his wife Sandra, founder and treasurer, also see themselves as ‘missionaries’: “We have been giving demos worldwide for years and are convinced of the power of knowledge sharing. That resulted in a wide network of interesting parties. Not only healthcare professionals but also administrators and people...

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“Question Bank” closes the gap between students and SMEs

For SMEs as well as for TU/e students there is still a world to be won if they come in contact with each other more. In the first case, for a fresh look at innovation issues and in the second case for a successful first step towards a career in busy Brainport Eindhoven. Those are the needs the Question bank (“Kennisvragenbank“) meets, a project of the industry association High Tech NL, KIEN FOUNDATION (Node Innovation Electrical engineering Netherlands) and TU/e SURE Innovation, which is a part of TU/e Innovation Lab. “We offer SMEs access to the knowledge of the TU/e and thus create opportunities for students at those same companies”, summarizes Monique Greve, project manager of the Question bank, from TU/e SURE Innovation. More on TU/e Innovation Lab here Study related work “TU/e SURE Innovation is an initiative of TU/e professor Ton Backx”, says Greve. “He noticed that SMEs have the need to connect with laboratories, lessons, libraries, professors and the students of the university. At the same time, TU/e SURE Innovation pursues to get that business life, the SMEs segment, more on the retina of students. Because experience shows that students often don’t think about that when they start looking for a job after they graduate. They usually end up at the calibrated large companies. But there are plenty of students who just have the need for a starting position...

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Plenty of room for growth at Automotive Campus Helmond

Director Lex Boon has a ‘hunt list’ for new companies: “This area must be completely filled” The big overview photo of Helmond’s Automotive Campus terrain in the office of Director Lex Boon is not just for decoration. It is primarily a daily reminder of the most important goal which Boon has been striving for since his appointment on April 1st: “Quite bluntly; this area must be completely filled”, pointing to the big gray blocks, where there is still room for a large number of companies. Ultimately, this growth must provide more employment and create a special attraction for the automotive and mobility industry. Because these two areas are becoming more and more consistent, experience shows. That makes the future of our current transport very uncertain, according to Boon and his marketing colleague Inez van Poppel. “Some speak of an iPad on wheels, but we believe it will be more than that.” Campus organisation Now that the first hundred days are behind him, director Lex Boon can carefully draw up an initial balance. And thereby determine the direction in which the Automotive Campus has to move. But he begins with a brief review: “Helmond has a long history in the automotive development. This has ultimately left the engineering part in this area. Later, TNO’s test center and Rijkswaterstaat’s traffic center for south-east Netherlands joined. The latter then added another innovation...

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The Micrometer Business at IME Technologies Geldrop

Only a couple of micrometers. That is how thin a plastic fiber is that is being manufactured by IME Technologies in Geldrop, the Netherlands, by means of electrospinning. For comparison: a human hair is a hundred micrometers. The electrospinning of such fibers, therefore, requires a meticulous process, which is not easy to manage and/or to reproduce. IME Technologies does master this process, thanks to ‘our unique machinery and know-how’, says co-founder and managing director Ramon Solberg, who also calls it the ‘best-kept secret’. Thanks to that secret, IME Technologies caught the attention of the medical sector. They have clients on almost all continents (except for Antarctica). However, their ambitions reach even further: “We want to generate a revolutionary change in the area of regenerative medicine.” “All large universities and TNO’s, both nationally and internationally, know about us”Jaap Vermunt, IME Technologies Process Control IME Technologies is a spin-off of the Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e), just like more (successful) companies in Brainport Eindhoven. Solberg started his company at the TU/e in 2008, to market the equipment developed during his graduation project on electrospinning. It quickly became apparent that there was a great need for such highly accurate machines and large developments followed in rapid succession. “We were the first company to develop a machine for electrospinning with climate control. The manufacturing of such thin fibers starts with a liquid plastic...

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