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Alderman Staf Depla has awarded the first Startersbeurs (Starters Scolarship) to Eindhoven-based Dynamo on Monday. The scolarship allows Dynamo to hire someone against a reduced fee. The Sectorplan Zuidoost-Brabant will pay a subsidy of 2500 to cover the rest of the costs.By acknowledging the scolarship to Dynamo , that organization will offer an internship to Vera Rosenboom. Roosenboom finished her education in 2015 but was unable to find work in her own field in 2016. Through the scolarship she will receive 500 euro per month.

This was the first scolarship to be awarded, Dynamo was chosen because they have made their intention of hiring Rosenboom when the internship is over known to the organization of the Startersbeurs.

In total, 200 scolarships will be made available. For now, the first 32 are being divided. Companies that want to offer someone an internship through the Startersbeurs can file for one here.

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