NXP technology history is a goldmine for artists

Chip manufacturer NXP wants to keep the history of technology alive. So they asked students from the ArtEZ University of the Arts to use old technologies and machinery as inspiration for art.

NXP acquires OmniPHY

With its acquisition of OmniPHY, chip manufacturer NXP has acquired new knowledge concerning autonomous driving. OmniPHY has expertise in the field of automotive Ethernet, which […]

NXP remains focus on Qualcomm

Expectations for the remainder of the year are not expressed by NXP today, when presenting its first quarter operating results. Too much depends on the […]

NXP shows food defroster at CES Las Vegas

NXP uses the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to show “the world’s first reference design for automated frozen food defrosting and thawing”. It […]

Bloomberg: NXP purchaser to be purchased

Broadcom Ltd. is considering a bid of more than $100 billion for Qualcomm Inc., according to people familiar with the matter, in what would be the biggest-ever […]

NXP starts R&D center in China

NXP has signed an agreement for the establishment of the NXP China Applications Development Center for Auto Electronics. This is the first step towards a […]