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Flight Forum offers employees e-bikes

Employees at Flight Forum have another full month to get to know the e-bike, starting for one week. In this way, the business park at the airport hopes to offer employees an alternative to the car. This is part of a campaign that “encourages to leave the car a couple of times a week and instead to take the (electric) bicycle”. So far there are almost one hundred participants, who have already cycled some 3300 kilometres all together. “Despite its favourable location for car traffic directly on the A2, Flight Forum is experimenting with alternative ways of business mobility...

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Market Research needed before decision on Dutch Mountains

There is no doubt that the plans for The Dutch Mountains are iconic. But whether it is all as feasible as the initiators claim it to be, that needs to be thoroughly investigated first, one of the spokespersons of the municipality of Eindhoven says in a reaction to the plans. Eindhoven says it is supported in this vision by the other municipalities of the Eindhoven Urban Area – which includes Veldhoven, the municipality that recently signed a letter of intent with the initiators. The Dutch Mountains is a project of Studio Marco Vermeulen, BLOC and Urban XChange. The development partner is...

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Amber expands its car sharing service to Amsterdam Zuidas

ABN AMRO and EY will be offering their employees the Amber electric cars service at their Amsterdam Zuidas locations. In this way, the companies want to contribute to improving the traffic and parking situation around the Zuidas. Amber is an e-mobility startup based at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven. The ultimate goal of the company is not only to offer a mobility solution but also to build its own car. The service is currently being delivered with BMW i3 cars. By bringing Amber to the Zuidas, ABN AMRO and EY are taking a concrete step with mobility innovation. Thanks...

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How to build a Joint Strike Fighter with a 3D printer

Yesterday we talked to Albert Falck about his company Lay3rs and his 3D printing ambitions. Today we meet Joel Vlashof, a regular customer at Lay3rs and in the middle of quite an ambitious 3D printing project. First ones in Europe Vlashof is a service engineer by profession. He works at a company in medical equipment. Model building is just a hobby. “One that has gotten quite out of control”, he smiles. After building several other model airplanes and radio-controlled helicopters, he and a couple of friends have now teamed up for something bigger: the building of a scale model of the Joint Strike...

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Checking Up On Last Years Start-Ups To Watch

On the 21st of July the top 10 Start-ups to watch 2016 will be presented at De Oude Rechtbank in Eindhoven. They were preceded by twenty other start-ups in 2014 and 2015. We wrote down the names of previous winners, threw them in a box and picked seven random names to check up on. Intrinsic-ID creates technology that allows computerchips to recognise each other through their own ‘DNA-profile’. They were already working on this in 2014, when they were awarded a spot in the top 10. The difference between then and now is that Intrinsic has expanded, since 2015 they...

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