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After Virtual and Augmented Reality, now there is Sensory Reality. SENSIKS, a Rosmalen based tech company has developed the Sensory Reality Pod. A cabin in which light-, sound, wind and scent-modules can be built in to give the person in the cabin the idea of being in another world: In a forest, a desert or under water perhaps.

The Eindhoven based Baltan Laboratories played an important part in the development of the Sensory Reality Pod. According to developer SENSIKS, the project got a boost after partnering with Baltan. After that, TNO joined the project among others.

The Pod is the first of a kind and is being marketed as a platform that offers an experience which can be personalised by users. Also, users will be able to exchange programs they developed for the Pod.

Starting March a prototype of the cabin will be shown at Baltan Laboratories in Eindhoven. At certain points, events will be organised to let those who take an interest in the machine, take it for a spin and start programming their experiences on to the Pod.

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