80 startups from 24 countries have come to High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. During 3 days, 5 corporates will talk business with these selected startups. HighTechXL and Get In The Ring are launching 4 new challenges at the same time, together with ASML, Philips, NTS Group, ABN AMRO Bank and EY.

The first challenges in the collaboration between Get in the Ring and HighTechXL have led to 19 pilot projects with corporates from the Eindhoven Startup Alliance, “so now we decided that it was time to scale up”, the organizers say.

Startups will spend 3 days talking business with more than a hundred experts and mentors. When they have a proven and ready-to-scale solution they might start a pilot with the corporate. Other startups find leads to solve technical challenges or take the opportunity to join the corporate-guided HighTechXL accelerator program with both pilot and funding opportunities.


“So now we decided that it was time to scale up”HighTechXL, Get in the Ring,

Kevin Harris, CureMetrix – pilot winner Philips Challenge 2016:

“To sit down for whole day, meeting people face to face, the opportunity to build a relationship.. You might imagine that I pitch this company all the time and most people I pitch it to don’t really understand what we are doing, so I spend lot of time explaining basic terminology, explaining basic products and so on. It’s so powerful to sit around the table with people with whom I could directly start discussing my business model, go to market strategy and how we could collaborate – really powerful.”

Former participants like Lifesense Group and Manus VR will give a keynote to share their experience to the new teams. On Tuesday, July 11, the winners will be announced.


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